Maintainability / RCM

Maintainability Prediction and Analysis in RAM Commander is based on the MIL-HDBK-472, Procedure V, Method A. Maintainability module is used to predict maintainability of systems and equipment of any type, including avionics, ground and shipboard electronics, mechanical equipment, etc., at all levels of maintenance.


Maintainability procedure definition

Maintainability Module Features
• 5 customizable levels of Repair and Replace for tree elements
• Corrective Maintenance procedure per element or Failure Mode
• Preventive Maintenance procedures per element or Failure Mode
• Preventive Maintenance procedure frequency optimization
• Standard Times and Standard Tasks libraries
• List of required skills, equipment and materials for each task
• Skills, Equipment and Materials Libraries
• RCM (Reliability-Centered Maintenance)
• A wide range of reports for Maintainability Analysis
• Required skills, materials and equipment calculation

Maintenance engineering analysis report

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