Safety Assessment

Safety Assessment Software is a comprehensive safety tool implementing the requirements and tasks of SAE ARP4761, MIL-STD-882 and other standards. It is integral part of ALD RAM Commander Reliability and Safety toolkit. Defined and developed in cooperation with our AIRBUS customers, it allows to perform FHA (Functional Hazard Analysis), PHA (Preliminary Hazard Analysis), SSA (System Safety Assessment), PSA (Probabilistic Safety Assessment). RAM Commander FMECA and FTA modules form the basis of aircraft safety analysis.

safety module

The safety assessment process has fundamental importance in establishing appropriate safety objectives for the System Under Analysis (SUA) and determining that the implementation satisfies these objectives. The safety assessment process is iterative by nature; using RAM Commander to support all necessary iterations and to produce all required output is the easy, accurate and time-saving way to do the safety assessment. RAM Commander Safety Assessment Software Module implements tasks of qualitative and quantitative safety assessment required during system development:
• Generation and verification of safety requirements;
• Identification of all relevant failure conditions;
• Consideration of all significant combinations of failures causing failure conditions;
• Generation of output reports starting from the stage of Functional Hazard Analysis (FHA/PHA) and ending by the System Safety Assessment (SSA) verifying that the design meets safety requirements. Reports are generated as MS Word documents using customizable MS Word templates.
• AFO (russian standard required by AR MAC) support
• System Hazard Assessment and O&SHA according to MIL-STD-882. Reports are generated as MS Word documents using customizable MS Word templates.RAM Commander’s easy-to-use modules: Reliability Prediction, RBD, FMECA and Fault Tree Analysis are the basis and the heart of the Safety Assessment Module.